The Song Of Glory – 锦绣南歌

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“The Song Of Glory – 锦绣南歌” is set in the Liu Song Dynasty (420-479), with powerful aristocrats clamoring for power, the people of the Liu Song Empire have succumbed to the ensuing chaos. Desperate to bring peace to his crumbling nation, the young emperor, Liu Yi Kang, son of Emperor Wu of Liu Song, the founder of the Liu Song Dynasty, is willing to do whatever it takes to save his people, but the road before him will not be easy. With most of the country’s powerful families plotting against him, Yi Kang’s list of allies is growing dangerously thin.
Knowing the only way to strengthen his position is to ally himself with a mighty family, Yi Kang agrees to an alliance through marriage with the powerful Shen family. A family with deep military roots, the Shen family can provide the strength Yi Kang needs to enact the reform necessary to oust the aristocrats bent on destroying the nation. With the family’s brilliant and beautiful, Shen Li Ge by his side, the two begin the arduous task of reformation.
Facing off against one of the nation’s most powerful and corrupt clans, Yi Kang and Li Ge must use every ounce of their wits and strength to defeat their foes. But peace doesn’t come without a price and the cost of this battle is tremendous. In the midst of so much heartache and despair, can this noble couple find a way to heal the wounds of a broken nation and at the same time, mend the wounds of their own broken hearts?

刘宋元嘉年间,天下积弊积弱,侠女骊歌(李沁饰)不解监政刘义康(秦昊饰)暗中蛰伏之志,误以为其纵容奸佞,祸患朝堂,欲借太妃寿宴献舞之机将其刺杀,不料却沦为刘义康和奸佞陆远(戚跡饰)生死相夺的棋子。阴差阳错之间,骊歌成为沈家将门嫡女,并与刘义康联姻。 刘义康和骊歌民间相遇,共同调查陆远,不明身份的两人几经患难,情愫暗生,却囿于婚约只能忍痛惜别。大婚之夜,刺杀之时,四目相对,情仇难辨!陆远与太妃合谋治罪沈家,刘义康与骊歌化解误会,力破死局! 边关秋犯,刘义康征战,陆远暗算,骊歌千里奔赴沙场力挽狂澜,助刘义康凯旋归朝。朝堂之内又遭到谢、王家族势力扑压,伉俪二人携手制敌,感情浴火弥坚,共同守护一片盛世昌荣。 山野烂漫,梨花盛开,爱人携手,共赏繁华……

Other Names: 南歌嘹亮 / 锦绣长歌 / Jing Xiu Chang Ge / 骊歌传
Release Date: 01 July2020 – 09 September2020
Language: Chinese
Genre: Romance, Historical, Political, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 53 Episodes
Director: Li Hui Zhu (李慧珠)

Stars Cast
Li Qin (李沁) 沈骊歌 (爱好行侠仗义的侠女,有情有义,还帮助皇帝刘义康推行新政。)
Qin Hao (秦昊) 刘义康 (是个新皇帝,但地位不稳,只能不断推行新政稳固民心,过程中邂逅了女主长歌,然后上演一段甜宠浪漫的爱情故事。)
Jason Koo (谷嘉诚) 刘义宣 (竟陵王,读书万卷,忠于虔诚本心,意气风发,守护家国安定。)

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