Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos – 浮世双娇传

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“Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos – 浮世双娇传” is about story during the Later Zhou Dynasty, the Fu family was the focus of world attention to the well-known prophecy given to Fu Yan Qing that states that one of the daughters of the Fu family would become the future Empress. This leads to people assuming that by destroying the Fu sisters, they will indirectly destroy the throne. With the passing of Guo Wei, the fate of the throne is left unresolved. Under the irony of fate, the two sisters end up falling for two men who are against each other. Facing the dark tides brewing within Zhou Dynasty, the two sisters does not forget their beginnings, and work together to secure the reign of Zhou.

该剧讲述了因一首“符女帝后”童谣被推上风口浪尖的符氏姐妹符玉盏(孟子义 饰)、符金盏(李艺彤 饰),与皇子薛荣(李治廷 饰)、游侠江绍(汪卓成 饰)在浮世中历练成长,以志同道合为聚、以国泰民安为首,坚定理想亦坚守感情,最终双双携手实现蜕变的故事。皇子薛荣戎马倥偬、指挥若定,姐姐符金盏聪慧过人,虽不会武功,但常常能用智谋化险为夷。妹妹符金盏尤胜男子,好动俏皮,但冒冒失失的性格偶尔也会给勇敢的她添一点小麻烦,江绍侠肝义胆,一剑一马浪迹江湖,誓与兄弟共进退。四人间的爱情由一场错嫁开始,但因缘际会间却让他们更能看清彼此的心意,执手为盟,许下白首之约,错爱姻缘一步步变为坚守真爱。

Other Names: 十国千娇 / Shi Guo Qian Jiao / Charming and Countries / 浮世双娇传 / Fu Shi Shuang Jiao Zhuan / Legend of The Floating World
Release Date: 28 Sep2020 – 26 Oct2020
Language: Chinese
Genre: Historical, Romance, Friendship, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 20 Episodes
Director: Francis Nam
(蓝志伟), Ally Wong (黄家辉)

Stars Cast
Aarif Rahman (李治廷) 薛荣
Zoey Meng (孟⼦义) 符⽟盏 (符氏长女,她雍容华贵,恬静沉稳,⽟盏聪慧内敛,智勇⽆双)
Li Yi Tong (李艺彤) 符金盏
Marius Wang (汪卓成) 江绍

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