Black Lighthouse – 黑色灯塔

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“Black Lighthouse – 黑色灯塔” is about story of a court intern who falls in love with her work and goes on her way to become a judge bringing justice to those who need it.
Qiao Nuo, a fresh graduate, comes across an unexpected opportunity to become an intern for the city court. Because of her lack of knowledge for what the work entails, her abilities are questioned by the judge. Qiao Nuo witnesses the intense confrontations between prosecutors and defense lawyers with her own eyes and starts to develop an appreciation for her profession. She becomes determined to become a good judge. Under the guidance of the chief judge, Zuo Dong Hai, she is unafraid to put in the hard work to search for useful clues to help a trial case, to accumulate experiences, to meet friends and to find love.

《黑色灯塔》作为一部律政剧,融入罪案剧模式,增添推理与悬疑设置,并包容青春成长、职场、爱情等元素,延展传统司法剧、律政剧的边界,力求打造一部精品罪案剧集。 《黑色灯塔》中的案件取材自社会的真实案件,融入当下最为关注的社会事件和民生问题,如校园霸凌、拐卖妇女、欺诈老人、妨碍公共安全罪等,话题性十足,直击社会痛点与热点,话题与现象背后引发大众对人性的思考,使观众获得共鸣式的体验效应。 剧中还将呈现多场庭审现场的唇枪舌战、正邪之间的黑白较量,这也将是对我国司法体系的一次全面展现,具有一定普法宣传、弘扬社会主义核心价值观的社会意义。最高人民法院影视中心作为联合出品方,将从内容创作、制作生产以及政策审查环节,给予专业建议和权威指导,对本剧进行全方位系统的保驾护航。 《黑色灯塔》属于内地剧市场稀缺的律政题材,取材真实案件反映社会话题,又有来自最高人民法院影视中心的指导支持,是一部值得期待的司法主旋律剧作。

Other Names: Heisedengtai / Hei Se Deng Ta / Heise dengta
Release Date: 21 Oct2020 – 18 Nov2020
Language: Chinese
Genre: Mystery, Law, Romance, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 30 Episodes
Director: Zhang Han Wen (张瀚文)

Stars Cast
Janice Wu (吴倩) 乔诺 (实习书记员,她没有梦想、不会拒绝人,但在实习中看到法官面对狡猾的罪犯抽丝剥茧揪出真凶的过程后,深深爱上了这个职业,最终立志成为一名优秀的法官)
Eric Yang (杨玏) 李旭尧 (头脑清晰、心思缜密、寡言少语的高级检察官)
Veronique Zheng (郑雅文) 范嘉怡
Dai Xu (代旭) 魏宇泰

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