Come Home Love: Lo and Behold – 爱回家之开心速递

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This drama “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold – 爱回家之开心速递” is about Hung Sue Gan starting from the bottom, established his own logistics company, which is now running smoothly. His only concern now are his three daughters. His eldest daughter has immigrated overseas. His second daughter Hung Yeuk Shui has reached the marriageable age, but has no hopes for marriage anytime soon. She is constantly bickering with her younger sister Hung Sum Yue, who is an honour student, over trivial matters, causing their father to not know whether to laugh or cry. Hung Sue Yan, Hung Sue Gan’s brother, moves in with the family, temporarily ending his life as a nomadic photographer. He joins Hung Yeuk Shui’s company and encounters Ko Pak Fei, the director of an online shop. The two appear to be former lovers, making for lots of laughter. Since Hung Sue Yan moved in, a series of strange events have occurred in the family. Upon investigation, the source is traced to Lung Ging Fung, a promising young man who is the son of department store mogul Lung Gam Wai. Unfortunately, Lung Ging Fungdied in a car crash and Hung Sue Yan recorded the important moment, thereby turning everything on its head for his ordinary family…


Other Names: 愛·回家之開心速遞 / 開心速遞 / Come Home Love: Happy Courier / Our Family Soulmate
Release Date: 20 Feb2020
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Family, Life, TV Series, HK Drama
Director: Kian Siong Lee (林建祥)

Stars Cast
Lau Dan (刘丹) 熊树根 (刻苦耐劳,凡事亲力亲为,是克勤克俭的老派人)
Pal Sinn (单立文) 熊树仁 (不修边幅,嬉皮笑脸,待人接物看似漫不经心,实则心思玲珑剔透)
Angela Tong (汤盈盈) 高栢菲 (乐天知命,随遇而安;EQ极高,遇上困难总能积极面对)
Koni Lui (吕慧仪) 熊若水 (口齿伶俐,擅于交际,是公关能手)
Andrea So (苏韵姿) 熊心如 (天资聪颖,专注学习,是位资优生)

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